By Chris Jones — Creative Director, Blueleaf

Visitors to your site cannot touch your products, turn them over in their hands or play with them — you are solely reliant on imagery and copy to make the sale. Once imagery has been viewed, shoppers will delve down into the copy to find out more and to establish credibility over quality and delivery.

Here's some quick tips for copy on your website:

•Address your customers as ‘you’ — speak to them directly as though you were face to face

•Make sure your product descriptions convey benefits to the customer, not just features

•Start the description with the most important benefit, don’t hide it further down the copy and don’t be subtle about it

•Make sure every detail is included in the product description — the copy should work as if there were no photo there at all

•Always include a guarantee or your returns policy - a huge barrier to purchasing online is customers who worry that they won’t be able to return an order if they’re unhappy in any way

•Copy should be relaxed and chatty, but never incorrect or with typos or poor grammar

•Every piece of copy should contain a clear call to action — don’t leave people hanging at the end of a product description, tell them what to do next and how to go about purchasing