By Marcus Leach

Fans disappointed not to have got 2012 Olympics tickets are being warned against the risk of scams claiming to offer tickets.

Thousands were left disappointed by the much criticised lottery-style allocation system, even after two rounds of sales.

Trading standards officers are warning people to be aware of fake websites promising to supply tickets, when in fact they wont be able to.

It would not be the first time such websites have been set up, with the scammers taking people's money and then disappearing.

Over 20 million tickets were applied for by nearly two million people, but ultimately only 6.6 million tickets were available for the 2012 London Olympics.

A list of approved resellers is available on the official London 2012 website, with a website checker also in place so users can guarantee the site they are using is legitimate.

"People should keep to genuine sources of tickets, otherwise tickets might fail to turn up or people may be denied entry," said Nicola Schofield, team manager at Nottinghamshire Trading Standards.

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