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Australians want more British entrepreneurs to set up shop Down Under, according to a survey which shows that nearly nine in 10 Aussies would like more Brits to emigrate there.

The survey by Crown Relocations revealed 86% of Australian residents would welcome more British expats, with one in five Aussies saying the country lacks entrepreneurs.Additionally, two-thirds of those polled (65%) considered British citizens to have strong entrepreneurial skills.

John Morris, national manager at Crown Relocations, said: “The survey results are encouraging for entrepreneurs considering setting up a business Down Under and show that British entrepreneurship is recognised and welcomed there.

“Everyone knows that Australia is a beautiful country and a wonderful holiday destination. But it can also provide exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to live and work abroad.”

These results come 60 years after a mass migration from Britain to Australia, when British people were encouraged to move Down Under. These Brits were commonly referred to as the ‘£10 Poms’ – and more than half of Aussies say they have made a big impact on the country's economy.

A third of Australians said that those who have emigrated from Britain have had a positive effect on the community. A quarter think visa regulations should be relaxed to allow more skilled workers to emigrate to Australia, rising to 39% for young people.

Over half (55%) of Australians believe those who emigrated from Britain to Australia in the last 50 years have helped to grow the Australian economy, rising to two-thirds amongst the over 55s.

Doctors (39%), nurses (35%), scientists (33%), teachers (29%) and entrepreneurs (19.5%) were the top five most sought after professions.

Two thirds of Australians felt that being hard working was one of the most important traits when thinking about those immigrating to their country (66%).