By Claire West

Vodafone UK has signed a deal with tag management system TagMan in an effort to expand its digital marketing strategy and activity in the UK.

Vodafone UK will use TagMan’s technology to get detailed understanding of how all its online marketing activities combine to deliver sales.

James Talbot, affiliate and performance marketing manager at Vodafone, said: “By partnering with TagMan Vodafone UK will gain access to a full dataset that represents how the company’s online marketing activity interacts. The collaboration will help to generate savings through the optimisation of Vodafone’s de-duplication model. Partnering with TagMan is an exciting opportunity that will enable Vodafone UK to fully explore retargeting and remarketing, but also support delivery of ROI objectives.”

Gareth Davies, online and telesales marketing manager at Vodafone, said: “We are planning ‘unstoppable digital’ with TagMan. It will help us transform our understanding of the true nature of our digital marketing and investment and so radically alter our approach to that investment.

“Vodafone UK can now track all campaigns in one place, and we truly know how all our campaigns — paid search, natural search, email, display affiliates and so on - interact and support each other.”

Davies added that using new providers would offer better value for money since TagMan will enable it to add new tags to its web pages in minutes rather than months.

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