By Claire West

A new Virtual Assistant service from Davinci Virtual is proving extremely popular with dynamic businesses looking to avoid the shortcomings of inefficient secretaries and it's so much more than just a Telephone Answering and Reception service.

"Modern small businesses are highly mobile and so management rely heavily on their PAs," comments Steve Golding, Davinci's UK General Manager. "A good PA can help to make a business, but an inefficient one can break it.
"We have calculated that a Davinci virtual assistant can save a business up to GBP 33,000 per year as the client avoids the cost of office space rent; desk, PC and office equipment; training, heating and lighting; holidays and temp cover, plus the downtime time spent on coffee and smoking breaks. All these items add up to a substantial cost to any business and it's money wasted on inefficient support staff.

"Our virtual assistants not only handle your calls, manage your diary, take orders and arrange meetings, but eliminate the risk, in terms of corporate positioning, branding and operations, that inefficient staff pose to your business. If you also factor in the increased customer satisfaction levels and the aid to the growth of your business, in a cost-effective and sustainable way, it's easy to appreciate the benefits they provide in terms of giving you peace of mind.

"Organisations around the globe routinely outsource 'non-core' activities to increase operational effectiveness and improve customer service, whilst allowing management to focus on what they do best - growing the business. So, why tolerate inefficient support staff when a virtual assistant can give your business a boost, save you money and even allow you to devote more time to yourself."

For further details on Davinci Virtual PA visit: www.davincivirtual.co.uk or telephone +44 (0) 207 084 6222