It seems to be virtually impossible to a find truly flexible customer services solution at the right price.
When asked to think about the world of the customer services operation, many of us envisage large unwelcoming call centres on characterless business parks packed with rather young and disinterested people. Often the perception is that these ‘service’ centres are the modern day version of the Victorian Work Houses or Sweatshops of yesteryear. Whilst that may be an exaggerated view, it’s one that has some foundation.

Work Houses occupied large premises where people worked long hours, for poor wages and producing large amounts of environmentally unfriendly pollution. Things haven’t changed that much — premises are still large, agents are poorly paid, work in fixed shifts and running a call centre is hardly environmentally friendly when one takes account of all the energy required to provide the power and services. Add to this the impact on the environment of large numbers of people travelling to and from work and it begins to look a bit bleak.

Vir2all believes there is an alternative. We deliver high quality, customer-focused contact centre solutions in a truly virtual environment. All of our employees are home-based and we therefore have no need for large premises to deliver our services from. Virtualising a service operation enables businesses to free up valuable resource and reduce costs, whilst at the same time helping the environment. Vir2all can change the way a business operates for the better by using its leading-edge technology and proven people management methodology.

A virtual operation offers a highly flexible solution and access to staff from all walks of life; providing companies with a greater choice of candidates to suit their business needs and culture.

Benefits of a virtual solution

Some factors that make virtualisation a highly attractive proposition;

• Competitively priced — potentially 20-30% more cost effective than traditional outsource call centres

• Environmentally friendly— Vir2all’s technology was benchmarked against other providers in 2009. It was proved by the Carbon Trust to be more environmentally friendly than any other premises-based call centre currently operating in the UK

• Socially inclusive — we are able to offer work to those who may often be excluded because of disability or location reasons

• Highly flexible —our ability to grow and shrink resources on demand at very short notice demand. We are not restricted or dictated to by leases on buildings, unlike other outsourced suppliers, who cannot operate without large premises.

The UK customer services industry has grown steadily over the last few years and is now a major source of employment. However, there is a large proportion of the UK unemployed market who want to work, but simply cannot get to work. Vir2all offers these people an alternative.

Vir2all has undertaken all of the required quality and regulatory assessments, including ISO 9001 and we deploy a PCI compliant payment system that is used by many of the UK’s retail banks.

Vir2all is proud that it makes a difference for our clients and their customers and we welcome the opportunity of demonstrating this to you. Make a difference too, talk to Vir2all.

To find out more contact us via info@vir2all.co.uk or go to www.vir2all.co.uk. Alternatively speak to Dave Halford on 0845 4598725.

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