By Paul Maloney

Recent riots that have engulfed major UK cities have the risk of damaging the valuable brand of UK PLC. Allan Biggar, looks at what needs to be done to safeguard the brand of the UK. The need for political will and direction, backed up by firm police action, to quell unrest and return law and order to the UK’s streets.


There is a real sense that the longer the situation continues the more damaging it becomes to the fragile UK economy. Reassurance that the police are doing their job, ensuring the safety of people and property.

All businesses have been affected by the riots, with major brands such as Sony, Vodafone and Footlocker. For small businesses this means less customers willing to make the journey to the high street or in some cases businesses have closed to avoid the risk of looters and arsonists.

At a time when economic growth is slow, the need for investor confidence is critical. Ensuring the streets of Britain are safe is crucial.

Paul Maloney is Senior Associate, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at All About Brands

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