By Kelvin Newman, SiteVisibility

Using videos as another means of marketing your brand, product or services is one tactic that many businesses are embracing.Videos will enhance the user experience and also possess the benefit of encouraging a visitor to become more engaged.

Using video SEO can benefit your site in a number of ways including rankings, traffic, conversions, links and enhanced brand image; therefore there is a lot of potential gain.There are a number of different points to consider when optimising your video:

Hosting — where are you going to host your video?

YouTube is a great place to host your video in order to gain more views as well as produce positive rankings. However, the traffic will come to YouTube and not to your website. There are widgets available which give you the option to add a link from the video that will link to your site. It is also possible to put a link in the description of the video; however this will still not bring as much traffic as if the video were to be hosted on your website.

Hosting the video on your own site, which should be done through a third party hosting service, will bring search traffic directly through to your site. Many video hosting companies will offer extra services such as a video sitemap - a specific sitemap for your video which will help tell Google about your video which is where your keyword research will be applied. You can include titles, descriptions and relevant tags to optimise the video best for your chosen terms. This will then be uploaded to your website through webmaster tools.

Good practises for video SEO:

• Name your video carefully — include keywords and a title that entices a visitor to watch it.

• Include your keywords in the file upload name of the video

• Create content alongside your video explaining what it contains — this is beneficial as it encourages visitors to watch your video as well as getting some love from Google who like unique content.

Promoting your video:

Using SEO combined with social media is essential for promoting new video content as the latter has a strong impact on search algorithms and so social shares can help push a video up the SERPS — share your video through different social channels to gain views. Including social share buttons on the hosting page is also essential.