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Customer satisfaction is fundamental to any business. However, while senior management should lead by example, sole responsibility shouldn’t just rest at the top of your company.

Consumers need to feel valued at every step of the customer journey, and with every interaction with your company, or they risk seeking out a better offer from a competitor. Therefore, all employees, at all levels, have an important role to play, and it’s important they be encouraged to work together to exceed customers’ expectations.

Using the valuable feedback offered by online reviews is a great way to do this. Increasingly, customers are sharing their experiences, both good and bad, online. In fact, our recent research found that half of people in the UK feel they can express themselves better online than they can in person.

While it can seem daunting to have your business and its services discussed online, reviews can provide you and your employees with a huge wealth of information. This can help your company assess what it is doing right, or where improvements could be made. It’s important this valuable insight be shared at all levels.

Start out by ensuring your company’s online reviews are visible to your teams so that everyone can benefit from the feedback. Encourage staff to check your business’s profile on online review websites or consider sharing highlights in team meetings, or in internal company communications such as newsletters. Vision Express has gone one step further, setting up screens around the office, producing a live stream of the company’s incoming reviews.

It’s also important to enable everyone to learn from the negative feedback you receive via reviews. By being open about complaints and addressing them in team meetings, you’ll encourage everyone to work together to come up with solutions and to fix the issue.

Celebrating positive reviews is equally beneficial. Good reviews are a clear indication that your business is achieving its customer experience goals, and so this should be properly acknowledged. Rewarding your teams for positive feedback will help to keep everyone motivated.

By taking a few simple steps to make reviews accessible to all levels and by being transparent with the feedback your business receives, you’ll help to create a cooperative environment. Sharing and addressing the important insight from online reviews will help to motivate staff and will ensure teams work together to deliver the best possible customer experience.

By Alan Duncan, marketing director at Trustpilot