By Maximilian Clarke

An oral hygienist from Utah achieved the recognition his product needed from a YouTube marketing campaign for just $500.

After inventing his Orabrush tongue cleaner, Dr. Bob Wagstaff had tried in vain to launch his product. Once, he spent $40,000 on a televised infomercial, achieving virtually no success. Shops refused his innovative product, and consumers remained unaware.

Bob’s luck would soon change when, after seeking the advice of local student Jeffrey Harmon, he launched a marketing campaign on YouTube. With a budget of $500, Harmon and Wagstaff built a series of popular commercials hosted on the free video hosting site, which gained exposure from their frank and quirky style.

Before long Wagstaff and Harmon had achieved the brand awareness necessary to see the Orabrush sell more than 1 million units as well as landing high volume contracts with major retailers.

“YouTube has helped normal people like Dr. Bob and a couple of college kids to take an idea, put it in front of people and get an honest response,” Harmon, now chief marketing officer at Orabrush told Google. “We can now play on the same terms as huge companies–and be successful.”

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