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The US and China could finally sign a huge trade deal within a matter of weeks, according to President Donald Trump, after the two sides came to agreements on some of their biggest issues.

China's President Xi Jinping echoed Mr Trump's optimism, but both parties said there is still work to do. Mr Trump said "a lot of the most difficult points" have been settled.

"This is an epic deal, historic - if it happens," said Mr Trump.

"This is the Grand Daddy of them all and we'll see if it happens. It's got a very good chance of happening."

The US and China have been locked in negotiations since December as they try to break the deadlock in their trade war. Both parties have imposed hundreds of billions worth of tariffs on products in the past 18 months.

The US, in particular, has threatened to impose even more tariffs on Chinese products if the two could not agree on a deal.