Urban Outfitters

Fashion retailer Urban Outfitters has announced plans to launch a new clothing subscription service that will allow customers to rent items for a month.

Customers will be able to borrow up to six items for a month before sending them back and swapping them for new ones.

Urban Outfitters said it had made the move because millennial customers want greater variety in their wardrobes, but also want greater sustainability.

The womenswear service, Nuuly, will launch in the US this summer, but the company is yet to reveal a UK launch date. It said: "The brand is looking forward to the opportunity to further evolve and expand both their offering and geographic footprint over time."

Announcing the rental service, Urban Outfitters said: "Interest in sharing-economy platforms and recurring subscription relationships has grown across industries.

"In apparel, the millennial consumer, in particular, is seeking out platforms that provide novelty, variety and breadth, while also supporting sustainability."

It comes amid growing calls for the fashion industry to do more to reduce its environmental impact. Figures suggest that the industry creates as much carbon emissions as the aviation industry, while less than 1% of materials used to produce clothing is recycled.

In April, a group of MPs called for the introduction of a 'fashion tax' designed to raise funds and increase recycling in the industry.