By Claire West

Unite assistant general secretary, Jennie Bremner said:

"David Cameron deceitfully pledged to cut the deficit not the NHS. The electorate did not vote for massive job losses in the NHS or privatisation. The Health and Social Care bill is the death knell for the NHS as we know it.

"During the election campaign Nick Clegg and his wife even visited Kingston hospital where their son was born and pledged to protect it from cuts. Fast forward to Britain under the ConDems and that same hospital is cutting 500 jobs including 214 fewer midwives.

"The False Economy website paints a bleak but accurate picture of massive job losses, with 50,000 jobs set to be lost in the NHS. The report reveals the very shallow nature of the coalition's pledge that frontline services are safe in its hands.'

"According to the report the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust is reported to be cutting health visitors, which makes a sad mockery of the government's recent promise to increase health visitor numbers by 4,200."