by Claire West

Business Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk today celebrates the UK’s top businesses in technology and innovation.

He will visit companies showcasing their world-class innovations at the Technology World in partnership with UK NanoForum event in East London; these include Bloodhound SSC - the car designed to beat the land-speed record and GENeco’s ‘bio-bug’ car which runs on methane gas generated from human waste.

Mr. Prisk said: “This is a day to celebrate the huge wealth of British talent in technology and innovation. It is this inspirational talent that will help deliver economic growth.

“It is the high-tech industries that are the future of the British economy, helping to providing the highly-skilled, well-paid jobs we need.

“I congratulate the winners of the UK Trade & Investment Business Innovation Awards; they demonstrate why Britain is a world leader in research and innovation.”

The World Technology event at London’s ExCeL Centre, comes on the same day as the announcement of the winners of UK Trade & Investment’s Business Innovation Awards.

These are:

Intrinsiq Materials Ltd (Category: Emerging & Nano Technology)
The Farnborough-based company has created a copper ink formula which is lower-cost, more productive and reduces the use of toxic chemicals.

PhotonStar LED Ltd (Category: Energy & Environment)
The Romsey-based company has created ultra-efficient Smart LED light fittings. They provide 70 per cent additional savings by maximising daylight and minimising artificial light.

AEP Networks (Category: Digital Connected World)
The Ascot-based company has created, Auto Sky Roaming, an online roaming device enabling ships, trains and aeroplanes to have reliable, easy access without any service loss.

The event highlights the cutting-edge work of businesses across the UK and showcases the best of UK science and technology. It is also providing businesses, organisations and academia with the opportunity to present their products, solutions and knowledge to a global audience.

It is expected to generate more than £100million of potential business transactions for UK technology companies.

Britain is the second largest market for ICT in Europe with a market value of 130 billion Euros in 2010.

And at nearly eight per cent of UK GDP, ICT is a larger part of the UK economy than that of France, Germany or even the USA.