By Marcus Leach

A new survey from Casio Projectors has suggested that, despite Britain becoming brand-obsessed about technology, practicality reigns in the British workplace.

The study of over 1,200 British workers, undertaken by YouGov, highlighted that 64% of respondents believe brand affects the perception in the way a product performs. But when asked which factors were most important when it comes to office tech, just 1% said brand was important in the decision.

When asked about the most important factors when it comes to technology, reliability came out on top with 55%, and performance came second with 31%. Product and maintenance costs combined came third with 8%.

In fact, nearly two in five (38%) of people couldn’t name more than two brands in their office.

“When it comes to office technology, people just want it to work. In our personal lives we forgive a gadget with a top brand because it is perceived to be cool. In the office we don’t have that kind of patience, particularly if it wastes us time or money," Nieve Cavanagh, Senior Marketing Manager for Casio Projectors said.

“IT managers need to stay confident that the age-old factors of low TCO, reliability and environmental impact are dictating what goes on the office shopping list. Users will be far more thankful for technology that just helps them get on with their job.”

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