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“It seems that schools are making significant efforts to ensure young people are ready for work. The bigger question, however, is whether the world of work is ready for them. This is the first generation that has grown up in a world of ‘always on’ connectivity, where carrying a computer around in your pocket is the norm. Meanwhile the world of business has struggled to keep up with that pace of change. Workplace technologies are still not ‘mobile first’ in the way that this generation’s approach to technology is. The ‘app generation’s’ relationship with technology is going to have a significant impact when they enter the workplace, whether what they’ve learnt in school is how to code or how to create slideshows.”

Professor Howard Gardner, developmental psychologist and co-author of the book ‘The App Generation’, which inspired Fuze’s report, said: “Both our book and this report highlight how teenagers still place considerable value on face-to-face communication, despite relying heavily on text-based communication. Interesting, too, is the app generation’s emphasis on personally tailored technology and work environments. This speaks to their desire for solutions that suit them and just work.

“There is an increasing need to understand how digital media and technology is shaping the way that teenagers are interacting with the world around them. It’s already significantly impacted their lives, and this report sheds some light on how it may shape the world of work in the not-so-distant future.”