By Claire West

Further significant snow has fallen across much of central and eastern Britain and according to the Met Office official reports indicate;

“More than 10 cm now in parts of southeast England, locally more, with between 20 and 30, locally 45 cm in parts of North Lincolnshire. There are fresh falls of about 20 cm in the Peak District. Elsewhere, northeast England and eastern Scotland have widespread 20 to 30 cm lying snow now, with more than 50 cm over hills.”

Due to the weather conditions many roads have been closed and Gatwick and Edinburgh airports are closed until at least 6.00am Thursday.

Snow and icy conditions are forecast to continue to affect many parts of the UK through the coming week as Met Office forecasters warn of further snowfall.

Severe delays are reported on many roads in particular the M25 and police are advising motorists not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

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