By Daniel Hunter

UK shoppers are to set to spend £52.2bn online in 2015, according to RetailMeNot, the company behind

The study found that online sales will grow by 16.2% from the £44.97bn spent in 2014. The figures also revealed that online sales will account for more than 15% of all retail sales in the UK.

Brits are also expected to shop online more often in 2015, making 21.2 purchases this year against an average of 18.8 in 2014. Shoppers in the UK will spend an average of £55.36 per online transaction this year, compared to £57.08 last year. It means the average British online shopper will spend £1,174 this year.

Brits are expected to be the most frequent online shoppers in Europe, while shoppers in Sweden will spend the highest amount per transaction (£56.43, with an average of 10.4 online purchases per year).

Giulio Montemagno, Senior Vice President of International at RetailMeNot, Inc, said: “Investment by retailers in improving the online shopping experience and in more sophisticated consumer targeting is clearly paying dividends. In the UK, consumers are now shopping online more frequently and spending more overall, helping to increase online retailers’ market share. This is being bolstered by a growing number of online shoppers; 65.5% of Brits now shop on the web.”

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