By Maximilian Clarke

65% of UK professionals are currently happy in their current positions — according to new research published today by LinkedIn.

The survey, which covered more than 12,000 professionals worldwide, revealed nearly two thirds of UK professionals to be either “happy” or “very happy” in their current job compared to a global average of 63%. This compares with a figure of 80% for Dutch professionals — the most professionally content — and just 31% of employees in Japan.

The survey also covered professionals’ outlook on their future opportunities at their current job; globally, 52% of those surveyed “agree” or “strongly agree” that, “If I work hard and demonstrate results, I have good opportunity to advance in my company.” Professionals in Brazil ranked as the most optimistic — with 63% of local professionals saying that if they work hard and demonstrate results, they have a good opportunity to advance in their company. This compares to just 44% of Spanish professionals who ranked as the least optimistic, just ahead of the UK at 45%.

“A tough economy can make professionals appreciate parts of their job they might otherwise overlook when business is booming,” said Ariel Eckstein, Managing Director of LinkedIn EMEA.

“LinkedIn remains, of course, a valuable tool for professionals at all stages of their career irrespective if they are looking to change jobs to share information and experience and develop a professional network that will last.”

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