The UK ranks as the fourth best country in the world for entrepreneurism and the third ‘best country’ in the world overall, according to a new report.The report comes courtesy of US News, Y&R's brand strategy firm, BAV Consulting, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

It turns out that the best county in the world overall is Switzerland, we are told that it has “low unemployment, a skilled labour force and one of the highest gross domestic products per capita in the world.” The report continues: “The country’s cultural contributions are disproportionate to its small size. Swiss citizens have won more Nobel Prizes and registered more patents per capita than any other nation.”

Not much to do on a Saturday night, though.

Number two is Canada, followed by the UK. It turns out that the UK, according to the report, ranks fourth for global power, fifth for cultural influence, 12th for quality of life, but if you want adventure, it ranks at a lowly 44th.

Behind the UK comes Germany, then Japan, Sweden, US, Australia, France, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain and then China.

But when we look at entrepreneurism, the findings get strange.

The UK comes in at fourth place – which is not inconceivable, although according to the Global Entrepreneurism Index the UK is in 8th place – but it did make it to fourth a couple of years ago. Ahead of the UK, according to the Global Entrepreneurism Index are the US (number one), followed, in order, by Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Australia.

Returning to the US News, BAV and Wharton report, the country that tops the best countries in the world list for Entrepreneurism is Germany, followed by Japan, the US and then the UK.

It says of Germany, “Start-ups thrive in the nation’s structured environment, known around the world for its efficiency and precision. Creative energy and talent cluster in Berlin, a budding start-up haven home to trailblazers such as SoundCloud, a music sharing platform, and the European School of Management and Technology, which has made entrepreneurship a key element of its degree programmes.”

It may strike you as strange that Germany is ranked number one, but things get curiouser and curiouser when you consider that Japan sits in second place, by contrast, according to Global Entrepreneurism Index, Japan sits in 25th spot.

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