By Daniel Hunter

UK employers are facing a talent exodus with nearly half of employees saying they are ready to move jobs as satisfaction with their pay and confidence in their employer falls, according research conducted by Ipsos among 7,200 European workers for the global pre-paid services business Edenred.

The Edenred Barometer, now in its sixth year, found the UK has the highest number of employees currently looking at moving jobs in Europe (48%) with just over one in ten (12%) actively planning their next move right now.

The survey found concerns over job security rising in the UK rising at the highest rate in Europe with over a quarter of employees (27%) saying they were not confident the future of the organisation they work and over a third (36%) saying they were not confident about their professional future with that employer.

Despite this, UK employees said their biggest preoccupation in 2013 was their level of pay with 47% and 44% said they were dissatisfied with their purchasing power, up from 37% in 2012.

The survey also found:

· Over a third of UK workers (37%) see their job as routine — the highest level of all countries surveyed.
· Just over one in three UK employees (35%) said they were frequently happy at work and only 16% said they regularly felt fulfilled.
· Over half (56%) of UK workers said they could quickly find a comparable new job than in 2012 — a higher figure than 2012.

“This survey paints a picture of employer-employee relationships under incredible pressure in the UK," Andy Philpott, sales and marketing director of Edenred UK said.

"Employees feel uninspired by their work and think they are getting a raw deal when it comes to pay as the cost of living rises.

"This looks set to translate into an exodus of talent as nearly one in two workers say they are ready to move jobs right now.

"It is clear as optimism in the UK economy increases that employers need to rethink the way they engage and reward their people if they are to improve employee loyalty and retain the talent they need to sustain their organisations through the economic recovery.”

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