Digital professionals in the UK are among the cheapest to maintain in Europe, according to professional services company, Willis Towers Watson.

The average cost per employee for someone working in digital and IT in the UK is £52,000, considerably less than the likes of Germany (£59,000), France (£67,000) and Switzerland (£87,000). Only Ireland, Spain and Turkey have lower averages.

There is a similar trend for digital marketing professionals, with the average cost to employers £47,000, below Germany (£50,000), France (£56,000) and Switzerland (£82,000).

Hugues Munaut, senior consultant at Willis Towers Watson, said: “Our research shows how attractive the UK is for those companies employing digital professionals. Given it has some of the lowest statutory employer costs in Europe, UK employers can offer higher base salaries and still maintain their competitive edge over European-based companies. This creates favourable cross-border salary comparisons for UK professionals and, in a sector with typically high international mobility, gives companies a very important advantage when winning the best talent.”