By Daniel Hunter

British shoppers are least likely to treat themselves when compared to adults from other European countries.

UK consumers spend only £26 on treats a month when compared to the European average of £43, according to a study by MasterCard. Germans spend the most on personal treats, amounting to around £60, while Italians spend approximately £48.

British adults also spend less on others than continental consumers, treating friends and family just £18, on average. Turkish shoppers top the poll of spending on others, passing on treats worth around £48.

The expenditure on treats differs within the UK, with almost seven in ten people living in Sheffield treating themselves regularly, compared to Belfast where just over two in five do so.

The research revealed that the kind of treats that consumers buy tend to be small in cost, typically takeaways, chocolates, sweets and cakes — items that MasterCard concludes are most likely to make a difference to people’s mood. Coffee and cheese emerge as popular treats on the continent.

“Economic pressures in recent times have had a profound effect on our attitudes towards treating ourselves and our nearest and dearest,” said Jennifer Palmer from MasterCard.

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