By Jonathan Davies

Car production in the UK fell in April as it failed to battle falling exports, according to the Society for Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT).

The SMMT figures show that production was down 3.8% on April 2014 after an 11.1% rise in cars produced for the domestic market failed to offset a 7.6% fall in the much larger export market.

Nearly 30,000 cars were produced for the UK market, but nearly 100,000 were made for exports.

Mike Dawes, SMMT chief executive said that UK consumers are "more confident than the average buyer across the rest of Europe", adding that "Europe as a whole is three million units off its peak".

Mr Dawes also said that the greater availability and range of finance packages in the UK helped to boost domestic sales, with three quarters of all news cars purchased using some form of finance deal.