By Marcus Leach

With exactly one year to go until the London Olympic Games 2012, a recent Cisco survey shows that the majority of UK businesses are yet to make plans to unite their workforce in watching London 2012 action.

Just 10% of workers are aware of any plans to watch Games action either at the office (4%), through a work social event (3%) or in a corporate hospitality environment (1%). Despite the growing adoption of remote working, only 2% say their employers have plans to introduce a flexible working policy during Games time, allowing staff to watch the main action whilst working from home.

“The London Olympic Games will undoubtedly be one of the greatest shows on earth," Neil Crockett, Cisco MD London 2012 said.

"It’s clear that people are really looking forward to watching all the action and this is a great way to inspire staff. There’s no question that this is a once in a lifetime event for the whole of the UK and businesses should embrace London 2012 and use it as an event to rejuvenate and bring together their workforce.

“Whilst of course employers need their businesses to continue trading as normal, a get together in the office to watch the final of a major sporting event is only going to build morale and improve camaraderie.”

The research also looked at how people planned to watch Games activity. Already almost more than a quarter of respondents (28%) say they plan to keep up with Games activity online - via their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Although employers may be slow on the uptake, 77% of respondents are already making personal plans on how they will watch the Games, with 70% planning to watch most of the action at home or with friends.

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