By Marcus Leach

Following the government's summit with Chinese premier Wen Jibao Prime Minster David Cameron has announced the signing of trade deals worth $1.4 billion between the two countries.

Further to that Mr Cameron said the goal for the deal was, by 2015, to reach $100 billion in bilateral trade, as well as Mr Wen agreeing to promote opportunities for British companies in China.

Despite the agreement Mr Cameron also took the chance to raise human rights issues, as well as insisting China clamps down on the abuse of intellectual property and patents.

Mr Wen has vowed to increase trade between the two countries, with joint initiatives set to further trade, but called for both China and the UK to treat each other as equals.

“Different countries and societies realise the ideas [of human rights] in different ways and forms," he said.

“Now China is not only pursuing economic development but also political reform and development of democracy and the rule of law.”

When quizzed as to why the UK didn't export to China more, Mr Cameron stressed that sales were up 40% and reminded people that the UK is China's second biggest European trading partner.

"Trade with China is a huge opportunity for the UK but we have a lot to offer China as well," Mr Cameron said. "Building on this trade and investment will mean jobs, growth and prosperity for all of us."

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