By Maximilian Clarke

The UK’s airports are operational and queues are down to normal levels, BAA (the British Airports Authority) have confirmed.

This is despite widespread concerns that the walkout by the UK Border Agency as part of the broader public sector strikes would cause widespread disruption to airports, with colossal queues forming at vacant immigration desks.

However, strong contingency planning by the airports’ operator coupled with an influx in staff from other airports have as yet prevented excessive delay.

The airport does still anticipate delays, and are advising travellers to do all they can the speed up the queues, by having travel documents ready and so on.

Commenting at 10:00, a BAA spokesperson said:

“Due to the effective contingency plans we have put in place with the airlines and the UK Border Agency over recent days, immigration queues are currently at normal levels. However, there still remains a possibility of delays for arriving passengers later in the day.

“As a result of the whole airport community working together over the past few days we have more immigration officers on duty and fewer passengers arriving than would otherwise be the case. That puts us in a better place to avoid the serious delays and widespread disruption at Heathrow that were projected last week.

“We have deployed hundreds of additional customer services staff within our terminals. They are giving 24-hour support to passengers, providing information, food, drink and children’s activity packs. They are equipped with iPads and Blackberries to keep passengers up to date.

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