By Claire West

Constant developments in social media marketing have left information hungry customers demanding to be spoken to 24/7. But forget those late nights and hours spent pre-loading tweets as Internet Marketing Company Gillissa has just launched an innovative piece of software which automatically sorts and loads and precisely schedules a bank of tweets.

At the end of 2010, it was reported that Twitter was on target to reach 200 million users by 2011 but many businesses simply don’t have the time to get to grips with making social media work for their business.

Gillissa, who have been working on providing internet marketing solutions including the highly acclaimed Feed Manager, have now released ‘Gillissa Tweet Manager’, an automated tweet loader which works from an upload of tweets with scheduled release dates and times. It enables businesses to pull together unlimited numbers of tweets containing the latest information about their products, saving valuable time and money whilst also enabling them to keep their customers informed.

This may seem similar to current offerings but the core difference is that Gillissa’s Tweet Manager is specifically designed to incorporate daily information about client products, across multi Twitter accounts.

Source content on product related Tweets is entered into a simple file and uploaded to Tweet Manager, which then communicates directly with Twitter. The software also enables clients to edit these Tweets, adding new ones if required, before they or their agency enables them to go live, as well as providing visibility of what activities have happened as a result.

This service is already working well on one of Gillissa’s biggest clients, allowing them to Tweet anything from news stories to very recent changes in their products, such as price discounts, new releases and special offers.

Richard Wood, MD of Gillissa says, “We initially created this platform after a client asked if our Feed Manager service could incorporate product updates to Twitter too. Businesses which rely on keeping their customers informed; be that with price offers, promotions, events and announcements might be spending vast amounts of time trying to find the relevant information, loading and sending it when they could be using that time more effectively. We created our solution so that once they’ve created their bank of Tweets, the customer can simply sit back and let our service do all the hard work.”

To trial Tweet Manager please contact amy@mediajems.co.uk and follow gillissa_demo on Twitter