By Max Clarke

Adverts on television continue to have the most impact on the UK consumer, despite growth in the popularity of other media, a report has found.

Newspaper adverts were cited as the second most effective in a report carried out by ‘big four’ professional services firm, Deloitte, along with market research giants, GfK.

Television advertising has continued to go from strength to strength in 2011,” said James Bates, Deloitte media partner. “This can be attributed to television excelling at brand building and raising awareness and audiences are appreciative of television advertising, with younger viewers being television adverts’ strongest supporters.”

Banner adverts, online video and search engine sponsored links were cited as the least impactful in the survey of 4000 UK consumers, with few respondents able to recall past campaigns.

TV adverts were also the most well remembered, followed by cinema adverts. The report, however, also noted that impact and recall are not the only factors that make advertising successful, and TV in particular has been found in separate studies to offer poorer value for money than radio adverts.

Successful marketing campaigns run across multiple media,” explained Bates, “each complementing the other, each reaching the target audience in a different context, but all conveying the core message.”

On the future challenges facing the advertising industry in the face of an increasingly saturated and jaded populous, Bates noted:

“In the future, the audiovisual impact of adverts should increase. If brief and memorable, they can be consumed dozens of times without wearying the audience. New forms of television adverts will emerge, including the revival of interactive adverts and the arrival of targeted adverts. The industry will need to ensure that it evaluates the true potential and likely investment of each new advertising format before taking major strategic decisions or projecting major new revenue streams.”

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