By Marcus Leach

Following Monday's arrest of three men in Spain police in Turkey have arrested 32 people believed to be members of the Anonymous hacking group.

Anonymous has been active lately in Turkey as part of the protests against government plans to implement a national net filtering system.

Police began to take action against the Turkish arm of the group when the Turkish directorate of telecommunications, whose website was hit by Anonymous, lodged a complaint.

The Turkish arrests come less than 48 hours after police in Spain arrested three members of the group.

As of August 22nd the Turkish government will turn on a system that requires members of the public to sign up to one of four different filtering systemes, depending on what type of user they are.

The government claims the system is essential in protecting younger users from the dangers of the web. Critics, including Anonymous, believe the government will use the filtering system to monitor web activity and suppress dissent.

Many Turkish people have mounted street demonstrations to protest against the introduction of the filters.

Anonymous has already attacked several Turkish government sites as part of the ongoing protests.

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