By Claire West

The state of trust between managers and employees has been eroded by the recession, research shows.

A report - Sustaining Resilience, carried out by Ceridian - surveyed more than 1,000 people in work and found that a quarter of people interviewed felt that the level of trust they have in their manager has deteriorated and a further one fifth of respondents have reported that they are less engaged.

The report also revealed six out of 10 employees are demotivated, tired and at risk of burnout.

Steve Joyce, head of marketing at Ceridian, said: "As a key factor in employee motivation and engagement, trust between employees and their managers is crucial. If employees’ trust in their managers continues to deteriorate, businesses could become weaker because of the knock on effect to productivity and engagement. Businesses rely on staff being motivated and engaged in normal economic circumstances and at the back end of a recession trust is now more important than ever. It could be the deciding factor in businesses turning themselves around or going under."