By Jamie Gledhill, MD, Emailmovers

Frequent and constructive communication with your customers is the key to unlocking the revenue potential within your database. Email marketing is the most cost effective means of doing this. Email campaigns can be implemented for a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods of marketing, and has a reduced impact on the environment.

But how do you go about emailing your customers if you do not have their email addresses in the first place?

If your customer database is only built up of direct mail information and does not contain email addresses, then you are missing out on venturing into new ways of reaching your customers. Email appending and validation is the process of adding the correct corresponding personalised addresses to the information you already hold in your database.

This process cleanses and enhances your database by validating the existence of any email addresses you currently hold, corrects any bad ones and adds or appends any new working email addresses where they are missing.

This then turns your contact list into a powerful tool that enables both traditional and digital communication with your target market.

Transforming your database by appending missing email addresses allows you to:

• Venture into new channels and explore new opportunities

• Enable strong and consistent communication with customers and prospects through regular email newsletters

• Gain a competitive advantage by reaching huge volumes of your audience simultaneously, within seconds

• Earn high return on investment as email marketing is far more cost effective than mailing or telemarketing

• Execute targeted campaigns instantly, increase sales, enjoy repeat business and strengthen partnerships

• Enables communication with lapsed and current customers by email almost immediately

• Build more online presence and drive more website traffic

Additional fields can also be appended to a database including:

Industry sector

Employee size


Full Contact Information— top level decision makers, or more specific job roles such as IT Manager, HR Manager

Knowing more about your customer database allows you to move into the email campaign analytics. You can drill into the data of your top customers and create a profile for future target markets. When you are acquiring new data these profiles can help you make more targeted selections and find lookalikes for your email campaigns, which will get a better response.

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