By Claire West

Business Secretary Vince Cable today launched a call for evidence to inform the Government’s forthcoming Trade White Paper.

The White Paper will examine Britain’s trade and investment policy in the light of changing domestic, EU and global developments, and set out the Government’s analysis, vision and strategy for the next 5 years.

The three core aims in developing the Trade White Paper are:

Put in place the right business environment in the UK and help to bring about greater openness and liberalisation in international markets - enabling UK businesses to prosper, promoting growth and creating jobs;

Ensuring that poor countries can also capitalise on the global opportunities that global trade and investment can offer to raise themselves out of poverty; and

Promoting a robust and effective global trading system that adapts to spread the reach and benefits of liberalisation.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said:

“Trade and investment is a key part of the growth strategy for the UK - we must make sure that we have the right plans in place. For that very reason it’s essential that the White Paper is informed not just by Whitehall, but by charities, NGOs, businesses, think tanks, academics and by those with an interest in trade. I would strongly encourage interested parties to contribute to our call for evidence.”

The aim of the call for evidence is to gather perspectives on UK trade and investment performance and potential, the role of government on trade issues, the impact of global developments particularly the global economic crisis, and the course of UK trade policy.

Following the call for evidence and consultation phase, the Government plans to publish the Trade White Paper at the turn of the year.