The UK's trade deficit fell by £1.2 billion to £3.3bn in August, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The ONS said the deficit didn't fall as much as expected, and therefore would impact on economic growth during the quarter.

The deficit on goods narrowed slightly from £12.2bn in July and £11.1bn in August. But again, many market analysts had expected that figure to fall even further. There was a £7.9bn surplus on the export of services, however, which partially offset the significant deficit on goods.

Construction destruction

Separate figures published by the ONS showed a 4.3% fall in construction output in August. It is the biggest decline seen since 2012.

On a quarterly basis, output was down 0.8% - the biggest fall of its kind since March 2013. The ONS did suggest that wetter weather may have impacted on construction, however.