By Max Clarke

Toyota has announced the recall of up to 19,000 vehicles due to an increased risk of fuel leaks. Though no such accidents have been reported, the car giant Toyota have gone ahead with the recall affecting the Avensis and Lexus IS 250 models.

News of the recall has done little to dampen the manufacturer’s reputation, and with over a third of a million employees globally and over $360 Billion in assets, Toyota remain the world’s largest motor corporation by a comfortable margin.

Recalls of this scale are not unprecedented with Toyota and in 2009/2010 some 500,000 Corollas in the US were reported with steering problems, though a recall was never called. In early 2010, a fleet of Toyota’s hybrid vehicles across the world including 133,000 Priuses in USA and 223,000 from Japan were also recalled after reports of uneven and inconsistent braking resulting from software errors in the machines’ ABS.