The Art Of Winning Awards

By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro and Owner of Energy PR

Awards are a fantastic way of reinforcing your company’s reputation. When you win an award it’s an automatic endorsement that your business is successful, good, better than competitors and worth dealing with. So how do you increase your chances of being on the receiving end of an award?

Here are some tips:

- Identify all the opportunities

- Local awards

- Your industry awards

- General awards aimed at small or growing businesses

- Awards which focus on key aspects of a well run business (customer service, best use of internet, quality, innovation, employee engagement)

- Don’t forget your major suppliers, (especially banks, IT and Telecoms companies) they may have award schemes – ask them

- Go for all that you can

- If you know someone who has won an award, ask if you can see the entry they submitted

- Read the entry forms really carefully

- Make sure you answer what they are looking for

- Award entries are not the time for false modesty! If you have done great things say so

- If you don’t win ask the organisers for some tips on how you can do better next time

- Keep at it

If You Win

Awards, like fans, are PR (public relations) gold. So, when you win, (and if you follow these guidelines eventually you will), remember to tell the world about it! Again there are some simple techniques to consider:

- Don’t rely on the award organisers to publicise your success, be the master of your own PR destiny – put out your own news release.

- Tell your customers.

- Put a story in your newsletter.

- Blog about it and tweet about it.

- Use the news as an excuse for a customer/staff celebration.

- Put the award logo on your stationery and email signatures.

- If you have premises that your customers visit, put a certificate in the reception area or in your store window.

- Start using the phrases “award winning” in your news releases and features.

- If one of your team has won the award, tell the customers who deal with them.

Good luck!

If you want to find out more about how you can make your business famous visit www.prpro.co.uk or contact me Louise@prpro.co.uk / 01993 825916

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