By Insight

A company mission statement not only captures the essence of a business' goals and the philosophies underlying them; it also signals what a business is all about to its staff. This is crucial for any company that wants the people within it to become invested in a shared goal or motivation, ultimately increasing the chances of future success.

In order for your mission statement to really make an impact with employees, it is important to understand what roles your employees play. Great leaders develop a leadership style that organises, challenges and recognises employees, and this should be reflected in the mission statement.

Another fundamental element to take into account when writing a mission statement that will inspire your staff is the underlying philosophies or values that define your approach to business. A good exercise is to write these down in a mind map style, helping you to clarify the ‘why’ behind your mission. When you have narrowed it down to a few key terms or phrases, it will become clear why your staff should want to work for you.

When it comes to writing your mission statement, it makes sense to involve those within your business. It helps to get at least one other person's ideas for your mission statement - staff, particularly those who have proved loyal, trustworthy and true to your values, are well placed to judge whether it conveys the right message. Be sure to pick positive, supportive people who truly want to see you succeed.

Make no mistake: although they are typically short, writing a mission statement takes time. You should set aside several hours, ideally a full day, to work on it. Despite their short length, constructing a powerful mission statement should not be a short process. Coming up with language that describes an organisation's heart and soul while also serving, as an inspirational beacon to everyone involved in the business is no mean feat. However, once you have achieved a strong mission statement and integrated it into your HR processes, you are likely to notice a tangible difference in your employees’ perception of their workplace.

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