With its resilient economy, strong domestic consumer market and the fact that it is just one hour from the UK by air, there are many reasons why UK businesses can benefit from trading in Germany.

However, as the largest economy in Europe and the fourth strongest economy in the world, the German market is extremely competitive and requires persistence and expert guidance if UK companies are to successfully achieve traction in this market.

Starting a business in Germany is no easy task for a foreign company. Whilst Germany hosts 65% of the world’s international trade fairs, launching at these shows can prove to be an expensive and fruitless endeavour, as it’s extremely difficult to stand out from the competition at large scale events.

As German market experts, we advise businesses of all sizes on how to successfully enter the Europe’s leading market. To share our expertise, here are three steps that must be taken by any UK business launching in Germany:”

  1. Planning and market research in advance is essential. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your product or service to assess its feasibility for success in the German market and prepare a market entry business-plan. Such a business-plan is mandatory when talking to banks or applying for benefits with German authorities.
  2. Develop a specific and strategic concept for the perfect implementation of your product or business idea. Pay heed to Germany’s distinctive business etiquette, this is crucial when trying to build a positive reputation and new business in the country.
  3. For long-term success, businesses must ensure continuous quality control. Our experts can help at all three of these stages, offering the know-how on how to break into and cater for the demands of the German market in order to achieve long-term success.
By Thim Werner, Business Development Germany (BDG)