Fil Adams-Mercer, CEO of Parcel2Go:

Start your Business

If you are thinking about going into business, one of my recommendations is, and it's from the Nike advert, just do it because you have people that have set up every rule in the world for you not to go ahead so you won't, so just do it. You won't know unless you do it, I don't want to be the person that says, I was going to do that, I'm the person that did it and failed and I'd rather do that than say I wish I had.

Take Your Step

If you want to set up in a business, imagine you've got a line in front of you and the line says to you "Somebody else is probably doing that so I'm not going to do it." and "I was going to do that but somebody else did it."
Imagine that line, and you've got your toes on it. Take your step. If you don't take your step, you will never know. It's about just taking one step and looking round, you might actually find a door that you want to go through because you've taken that step.

Recognise your failings and adapt to it

One of my sayings that I have is "A clever man is only clever if he knows what he's dumb at." Recognise your failings and adapt to it. If you can do that, you will succeed in whatever you want to do but you have to recognise more than what you're good at, what you're not good and adapt for it.

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