By Marcus Leach

Trident Media Guard (TMG), the firm employed by the French government to monitor and track down net pirates, has been hacked.

The hack, used in the loosest sense of the word, was discovered with the help of blogger and security researcher Olivier Laurelli, who goes by the name of Bluetouff online.

Laurelli explained that TMG had in fact left themselves to be exposed, making the hack considerably easier than it might have otherwise been.

“A virtual machine leaked a lot of information like scripts, p2p clients to generate fake peers, local physical addresses in the datacenter and even a password that could lead to a major global TMG security breach,” he explained.

The leaked data didn't only concern their own information, but that relating to companies and people they had been monitoring.

Eric Walter, head of the French anti-piracy unit, confirmed on Twitter that it had "temporarily suspended" links with TMG.