By Daniel Hunter

Top-end healthcare provision will enter a new era this week when a group of top doctors and health practitioners publicly launches One Hundred Years, the UK's first fully coordinated and comprehensive professional health management service.

One Hundred Years looks after every aspect of its members' health - from detailed initial assessments, the formulation of health optimisation programmes, the use of global experts to implement programmes into action, and world-leading insurance cover giving priority access to the world's leading clinics, surgeons and other experts.

One Hundred Years' in-house medical team is led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jack Kreindler, who is joined on the Global Faculty and National Medical Advisory Board by UK Medical Director Dr. Sundeep Dhillon, MBE. Other members of the Faculty include: Professor Hugh Montgomery, who discovered the first human gene for fitness and activity; Professor Greg Whyte, a leading specialist in exercise physiology, sports performance and rehabilitation; Dr. Michael Loosemore, who selected doctors on LOCOG’s behalf for the London Olympics; and Dr. Richard Budgett, Chief Medical Officer of the International Olympic Committee.

“One Hundred Years is rethinking health and healthcare. Our motivation is to learn what health means to individual clients — and then proactively help them achieve that by professionally coordinating access to the best minds in each field," Dr. Kreindler, founder of the Centre for Health and Human Performance on Harley Street, commented.

“We have put in place a structure which for the first time guides members to the very best practitioners in each field of health and medicine. Rather than being tied to a local provider or a provider tied into a specific insurance policy, our members receive the best initial advice followed by access to the best solutions, wherever that might be.”

One Hundred Years annual memberships range from £5,000 for select health advisory services to £50,000 and beyond for exclusively managed, globally insured Private Health Offices. Programme designs are dependent on each client’s life circumstances, health objectives and the depth of services chosen.

Virgil Bretz, co-founder of One Hundred Years and a veteran of international private health provision, notes: “One Hundred Years provides a solution and service, it’s not just a product. Therefore we tailor personalised health optimisation programmes for the needs of each client: some need immediate expert advice for themselves or someone they care about to engage a challenging diagnosis; many are healthy and want a proactive team to help achieve a lifetime of great health; and some literally want to climb the highest mountains.

“Given the importance of health in our lives, it is odd that many of us have chosen to spend far more on buying a faster car, for example, than on optimising how well we feel every day, or how we would be looked after if we fell ill. In part this results from the fact that until now there has been no simple way for people to 'upgrade' how their health is managed. One Hundred Years is the first company to professionally manage health and healthcare spending.”

UK service started earlier this year, with advanced members already signed on before today's public launch. Mr. Bretz adds: “Customer feedback has been excellent. Because it is new, many of our members couldn't conceive just how much their lives would be improved by a structured and strategic approach to optimising their health. Many of them are working in high-performance environments, and say that the investment has already paid off.”

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