By Jonathan Davies

There's not long left of 2014. So we've taken a look at the most popular news stories from the past 12 months. Here are the 10 most read Fresh Business Thinking news stories in 2014.

10. Sainsbury's Sales Fall

The rise of Aldi, Lidl and Waitrose, and the struggles of the 'big four' supermarkets was one of the biggest stories in 2014. And we start the top 10 with the news that Sainsbury's sales fell for the first time in nine years, giving the first real indication that it was struggling.

9. 2014 Budget: What YOU Want (Part One)

In March, all eyes were focused on the Chancellor George Osborne as he delivered his final Budget before the 2015 general election. In the days leading up to the Budget, we asked YOU, the Fresh Business Thinking readers, what YOU wanted to hear from the Chancellor.

8. Fraudsters Gain Millions From New Phone Scam

At the end of October, Financial Fraud Action UK warned the public and businesses against a new phone scam which was being used to steal millions of pounds.

7. Asda Plans Managers Job Cuts

Perhaps a surprising entrant in the top 10 list is the news that Asda announced that it was considering cutting thousands of management positions to "get more colleagues on to the shop floor".

6. Ex Military Make Better Managers and Entrepreneurs, Research Finds

Our sixth most popular news story comes from the military. Research by economist, Professor Merlin Stone, found that people who have spent time in the military makes better managers and entrepreneurs as a result of their ability to cope under pressure.

5. What's the Best Day for a Job Interview

2014 saw unemployment fall dramatically, and it looks like business owners and managers turned to a piece of research published at the end of 2012 to find out when is the best day to hold interviews as they expanded their workforces.

4. Scotland Consists of Two Distinct Economies

As the UK entered into a historic year with the Scottish independence referendum, the Centre for Public Policy for Regions published a paper which said that Scotland consists of two distinct economies.

3. Netflix Profits Double to $71m

Into the top three, and we have somewhat of a surprise with the news that Netflix announced doubled profits for the second quarter of 2014.

2. How much does it cost to start your own business?

Aspiring business owners and budding entrepreneurs turned to a piece of news from May 2013 to find out how much it costs to start a business.

1. Fresh Business Thinking Power 100

By far the most popular news story of 2014 was one of our own, as we revealed our inaugural Power 100 list. Over four weeks, we revealed the top 100 movers, shakers and influencers in business and entrepreneurship in the UK.

You can also see our business review of 2014 here.

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