Instagram logo new

A few weeks ago Twitter users from across the globe were divided with the redesign of the famous Instagram logo, with the majority criticising its new brighter come minimalist look.

In launching the change, Instagram have advised that the branding update has coincided with the growth of the social media platform and aim to improve user experience. Despite the initial backlash I am at least 99.9% sure that Instagram users will not delete the app as a result. In fact, I think like most successful rebrands it will do the opposite - inspiring new users to sign up and see what the fuss is all about.

Aside from dividing consumers with the element of change, there are actually many positive, commercial reasons for a business rebrand. However, it is important to take the following points into consideration:

Competitor analysis

A rebrand can be one of the best ways to gain competitor advantage. Aside from providing you with the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your key messages and the interests and psychology of your target market, a re-brand will also force you to assess why a percentage of your audience members are choosing to engage with your competitors’ products or services over yours.

Use and incorporate these findings into the redevelopment of your brand to really engage new and existing audience members, ensuring your corporate image adheres to consumer requirements – quelling the competition and increasing your market share as a result.

A brand isn’t just an image…it’s a culture

Think about the brands you remember and engage with – most will be brands that you have connected with, that have built a culture and stand for much more than just a strapline or logo. This is very much reflected in the comment by the spokesperson for Instagram, with the new logo and platform update representative its growth and the way in which users engage and immerse within it.

Your brand should be representative of your business culture, and should therefore aid you in connecting with and retaining new customers for the long term.

Take your time

The decision to undergo a rebrand should not be taken lightly. Despite the positives, such as highlighting yourself to be an innovative business that keeps up with technological advances, a rebrand is a lengthy process that requires all members of the business to be on board and to believe in it, in order to make it work.

Google some examples of branding errors, and you will see that there are many cases of businesses not getting it right and having to revoke the change.

By Mark Wright, director at Climb Online