By Marcus Leach

Three arrests have been made in Spain with all three suspects believed to be members of the Anonymous hacking group.

Anonymous has claimed they were responsible for the hack at Sony that exposed millions of users personal information, as well as Spanish banks and co-ordinated defence of Wikileaks.

The arrests were made simultaneously in Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria, and all three suspects are believed to have been involved in co-ordinating Anonymous's activity in Spain.

Spanish police released a statement that confirmed one of the computers recovered in the arrests had been used in the hacks.

The operation, which culminated in the three arrests, had been ongoing since October 2010 as cyber police went through millions of chat logs to discover the identity of the hackers.

Anonymous hackers had used a web-based tool, Loic, that overloaded sites with data and had been used in attempted hacks against PayPal, MasterCard and Amazon.

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