By Jason Theodorou

The Government is expected to implement a spending freeze on development of iPhone apps, after the BBC revealed that the previous Labour government spent tens of thousands on a series of apps.

A Freedom of Information request from BBC News demonstrated that the cost of development started at £10,000, and the most expensive app was the DVLA Motoring Masterclass - which calculates fuel efficiency, tracks RAC proximity and can function as a hazard light. The total cost of the app was put at £40,000.

The previous government also spent money on creating a travel advice app and an app for jobseekers, which proved popular and received at least 50,000 downloads. The NHS was planning to release a 'Quit Smoking and Drinks Tracker' app, which will now be shelved.

The coalition Government has announced that it will review 820 sites, after a Central Office of Information report showed that the Government spent £32 million on web staff in 2009 and 2010. Cuts will be made wherever possible.

Mark Wallace of the Taxpayer's Alliance told Fresh Business Thinking: 'I think this is magpie thinking - they've seen something shiny and they decide they want it. They didn't stop to think - should we do it, and are we good at it?'

'Businesses that develop iPhone apps will be angry that the government is trying to squeeze them out of the market. The government should not be barging into an already healthy market'.

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