Thinking working

By Jane Baker, High End Sales Coach

Most gurus will tell you that to achieve success, you need to focus on selling online courses, offering freebies and creating countless funnels. When I started out in my coaching business, that is exactly what I did. But despite this being trusted advice from the industry’s best and brightest, it quite simply did not work for me. In the first six months of my business I was unable to make a single sale.

As frustrating as this was, it helped me to learn a valuable lesson. Rather than follow general advice from people who did not know me or my business, I needed to find my own path to success. To do that, I had to start thinking innovatively.

So I cut every freebie, funnel and course that I’d put into place to entice potential clients, and rethought my business from the ground up. It became apparent that to make sales I would need to make the most of my time and think strategically about the kinds of leads I wanted to attract. Then once I had a fully formed vision of my end goal, I could start working towards achieving it.

It wasn’t long before I had decided to aim higher than all those gurus ever dared to advise – but I knew I could do it. I launched my first high-end package, and within just one week I had made over 15k in sales. I have consistently earned 40k a month ever since. I now get to help thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world who, like me, were struggling to make their first sales.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, and at first it felt like I was abandoning my safety net. But this wasn’t the case at all. In fact, in trusting in my own instincts and daring to think outside of the box, I was finally giving myself and my business a chance.

There are so many ways to start and run a business. While the advice you get from gurus can give you some insight into how to get up and running, it offers a very limited approach that is unlikely to help you achieve long-term success and regular high sales. What does help you to reach these heights is taking actionable steps and working with creative concepts that other entrepreneurs haven’t thought of. It can be hard to stand out in your chosen market, so give yourself that edge.

Not only has my out-of-the-box thinking improved my business, it’s also helped me gain recognition for my achievements. I was recently named one of f:Entrepreneur’s Top 100 entrepreneurs, and was a runner-up at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. I have also been featured in a number of national and international magazines for my work, while my book, She Lives Limitlessly, inspires struggling entrepreneurs to think innovatively and unleash their potential.

All it took for me to get here was pushing my boundaries and believing in myself. It may not have been an easy ride in the beginning, but it was certainly better than struggling with a business that had promise, but made no money.