By Claire West

The Telegraph recently reported that 'a group of 22 of Britain's biggest companies have signed a commitment to flexible working rights after finding that "agility" in staff hours and locations can cut workforce costs by as much as 13pc'.

They reported that 'Sir Win Bischoff, chairman of Lloyds Banking Group, is leading the launch of a new group, the Agile Future Forum, whose aim is to revolutionise traditional working practices with a view to boosting the UK economy'.

Andrew Millard, senior director marketing, EMEA, online services division at Citrix says that:

“To many, the recent launch of Sir Win Bischoff’s Agile Future Forum (AFF) might seem to be just another sign of the unstoppable move towards remote, flexible working.

“However, in one sense the AFF marks a decisive step forward. As the McKinsey findings show, workforce agility is now delivering clear identifiable gains to the business, in both cutting costs and driving up sales.

“That’s fine for the large enterprise members of the AFF of course, but what about smaller firms? The good news is that, as a recent global Citrix-commissioned YouGov survey found, outstanding performance improvements are being achieved in businesses of all sizes.

“In the UK, for example, one in two SMBs are achieving measurable operational and productivity gains of up to 30 per cent, with a further 14 per cent doing even better.
“Such success depends of course on having the right collaboration tools and support processes in place to enable your remote workers to work from anywhere, with anyone.

“That said, in a commercial world where RoI rules, evidence that remote, flexible working is delivering proven benefits will act as a powerful boost to its future adoption, irrespective of business size or sector.”