Cities near the south coast of England are among the best in the UK for launching a businesses, according to research by telecoms company Vonage.

Winchester was the surprise winner, with a start-up survival rate of 77.6%. A close second was Portsmouth on 76.9% and Chichester (73.4%) also featured in the top five. Southampton also beat the national average of 68%, with 70.7% survival rate, placing it in the top 20.

Some of the UK's biggest cities struggled. Birmingham's survival rate was just over 61%, comfortably below the average. Manchester struggled to get above 60% and Liverpool managed just 63.6%. London also received just 64%, however, did contribute more start-ups than much of the county. Edinburgh faired considerably better, with more than 70% of start-ups surviving. But Cardiff came dead list in the list of the 50 biggest cities, based on population, with a survival rate of just 58.9%.

You can find out more with the interactive infographic below: