There are numerous benefits to adopting bespoke software development. As more and more companies choose to go bespoke, a number of trends are emerging which will be shaping the face of software development throughout 2017 and beyond.

Bespoke software trends for 2017

Living in a vastly technological digital age, mobiles have become an integral if not essential part of our everyday lives. It has taken over from computers as the main accessor to the web, and because of this, websites now have to be interactive to cater for this increase in use. Mobiles will continue to shape software development throughout 2017 with mobile-users dictating what works and what doesn’t. As users become more skilled with their mobiles, software development companies must keep up to ensure the population receives an optimal mobile experience.

The top bespoke software developers of 2017 will take into consideration an improved user experience, the importance of online security (which has been the predominant bespoke software engineering trend of 2016), cloud technology and automation. These elements allow a company to cater for an audience looking to keep up with technological advances. The bespoke software industry is expanding and will soon leak into areas such as entertainment, e-commerce and online education. It is, essentially, the future of business.

Automation is the self-regulation of systems, so they become self-acting. Although this has had some limitations in the past, the investment could see development in this area as it can help businesses move to more defined workloads. A move away from hardware to software to help define servers could also be possible, in an attempt to make networks agiler. Plus, The Internet of Things could well become the ‘Internet of Everything’, as services progressively move onto the web, making online security and Wi-Fi connectivity increasingly important.

Multifunctional software

Bespoke Software Development companies will benefit from being multifunctional. By developing products for the web, for mobile and custom packages for businesses, all bases are covered. The availability of this type of development will increase throughout 2017. Companies will require the ability to build custom apps which can specifically augment their products and services. In fact, through the year we will see how tech-enabled services will be shaping the digital landscape.

DCSL Software works across multiple service lines, including; Web development, custom software development, mobile app development and enterprise app modernisation. This allows the company to offer expertise to clients across industries.

“By delivering across multiple verticals and service lines, at DCSL we are able to help companies in ways they didn’t think possible. For example, the way we helped a global machine vision corporation with software to help optimally position their fixed-mount barcode-reading hardware was also useful for a company wanting to make a wall mounted calendar out of Lego bricks with an app to digitise it. Commissioning bespoke software is becoming much more ‘the norm’ rather than trying to customise off-the-shelf solutions which often ends up costly and a compromise to what is really needed,” says Nick Thompson, managing director of DCSL Software.

In 2017, the top technology trends will be defined by bespoke software. Businesses will be able to have more control over their technology, and an ability to design tech to optimise services within the company mainframe and for the customers they serve.

By Hannah Richards, Amplified Business Content