By Daniel Hunter

Popping bubble wrap, dreaming of a luxury holiday and trampolining all appear in the top 50 stress busters enjoyed by office workers, according to go-karting firm Capital Karts.

The team at Capital Karts asked a focused group of office workers their favourite ways to de-stress after, or during, a busy day at work. The research revealed both at work and out of office activities that aid relaxation.

Some of the 50 findings were predictable, such as watching animal videos as a way to avoid work worries, while others such as housework were less expected.

Exercise was a popular choice, as were activities that separated employees from the world of work, such as switching off laptops and phones and visiting a comedy club.

Matt Holyfield, co-founder of Capital Karts, said: “Office work can be really stressful. Emails are constantly popping up, the phone is always ringing and to-do lists feel never ending.

“We’ve all been there — Friday arrives but you’ve managed to take all those work worries home with you.

“It’s important to find ways to unwind- that way you can achieve a reasonable work life balance.”

Here are the 50 top 50 things office workers do to de-stress (hopefully most are done at home!):

1. Popping bubble wrap
2. Writing to-do lists
3. Binge watching a most loved TV series
4. Watching animal videos on YouTube
5. Swimming
6. Scrolling through social media
7. Catching up with friends
8. Organising your desk
9. Spa days and massages
10. Partying
11. Switching off electronics
12. Cooking
13. Get drunk
14. Dream of a luxury holiday
15. Retail therapy
16. Having a manicure
17. Housework
18. A phone call with your parents or partner
19. Go karting
20. Trampolining
21. Playing games
22. Snacking on comfort foods
23. Reading a book
24. Sky diving
25. A trip to the beach
26. Employee days out
27. Yoga
28. Visiting a comedy club
29. Heading out for dinner
30. Cycling to and from work
31. Visiting the countryside
32. Writing down worries
33. Making a cup of tea
34. Adventure days
35. A trip to the pub
36. Complaining to work friends
37. Going to the gym
38. Colouring
39. Heading for a run
40. Getting up early
41. Playing with pets
42. Gardening
43. Listening to music
44. Taking a nap
45. Leaving the office at a set time
46. Playing a sport
47. Family time with kids
48. Bubble baths
49. Playing a musical instrument
50. Singing loudly to your favourite song

How do you de-stress? Are there activities that should be on the list? Let us know on Twitter @freshbusines.